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Reduce Plastic, Have Fun

My Impact tracks your plastic reduction, educates, and engages.

Log your plastic

Log your plastic reducing/recycling actions. 

Keep it simple with automatic logging to track your habits 


Earn awards, unlock achievements and visualise your impact


Compete with friends, post photos, and comment. Engage in all things Eco.


My Impact

For Business

Create a culture of sustainability by engaging employees and combining their efforts.

Data to quantify your initiatives

Impactful Campaign

Every community comes with an administrator panel. This means you can add content, manage members, create challenges but most importantly, analyse data. Export your member's plastic reducing/recycling totals to review the effectiveness of your initiatives, or simply show the world how well your employees are doing.

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So glad I was introduced to My Impact app to be able to connect with friends and community working towards the same goal. It's a great tool to help beginners get started and rethink before consuming

Workplace change manager

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We are pleased to be on the My Impact app, where we are able to quantify individual sustainable habits and collaborate with colleagues across Asia as a community to reduce and recycle single-use plastics

Head of Sustainability  - LGT Private Banking

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My Impact is a great way to bring our customers, and our staff, together for a common cause. Major bonus: the platform is actually fantastic for general engagement - beyond sustainability - and is becoming a vital communication tool for the business.

Lion Rock Press


What Our Communities Are Saying

Striving for sustainability

A Few Of Our Communities

A Better Way to Learn

We truly believe My Impact is a great way to teach students about sustainability and have fun along the way! The service is free for schools and easily accessible. Watch this short video about how the platform can work in your school.

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