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Launch a campaign

Make your sustainability campaigns more interactive

Combine Efforts

Every plastic item reduced or recycled will be combined to show how much your community has saved.

Knowing their actions reflect on the community will encourage the participants to do more in their waste reducing efforts.

Challenge Users

Launch a challenge, in teams or as individuals. It takes 21 days to break a  habit. Therefore, a 21-day challenge will make a meaningful change.

All users compete to see who can reduce or recycle the most plastic, creating camaraderie and a competitive edge to push them harder! 


My Impact is a platform for users to discuss, share and engage in all things Eco. 

Post, like and comment. This interaction will educate others and make them feel part of your company's sustainability efforts.

Quantify the results

See the data from the campaign. Learn trends, analyse data and ultimately learn if your campaign was successful 

Make a lasting difference

Running a campaign in the workplace will educate users who are not fully aware of the issues of single-use plastic. The lessons they will learn through action and engagement will make a genuine impact.

Publicise the impact

Let the world know how much plastic your initiative has saved from the landfill. 

We will provide social media content for you to post and show you are part of the solution. EcoDrive will also share the content on social media and on their email newsletter.

Arrange Your Campaign

It takes 21 days to break a habit, we recommend this campaign length to make a meaningful change

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